What is NeighborTools?
NeighborTools is a platform created to connect those who have a need for an item with the owners of those items. NeighborTools also connects those in need of a service with those service providers. More importantly, NeighborTools provides a place where neighbors can come to share and serve in their community.
What items or services can I add?
Add any of your items that may be sitting around your home and not being used often such as power tools, lawn equipment, camping equipment, bicycles, cookers, corn hole boards, coolers, etc.

Items that are prohibited: firearms, weapons, explosives, and anything obscene, vulgar, or explicit. We are all responsible adults.

Add a service you are able to provide such as mowing lawns, pressure washing a driveway, spreading mulch, raking leaves, helping someone move, construction, small projects, renovations, etc. Unlawful services are prohibited.

If you’re a business, church, or store, rent your rooms out to a group for a party or event.

Why should I use NeighborTools?
NeighborTools provides a safe environment for requesting and providing those items and services needed. Don’t spend money on things you will hardly use. Instead, rent the item from someone close by.

NeighborTools mission is to help those in need and we are committed to giving 10% of profits to organizations who are able to help others.

Why not just buy what I need?
When deciding what tool(s) to rent, the first step should be to list all the tasks that need to be completed for your project.

You’ll want to define what portions of your project will need a tool or piece of equipment. Determine what tools you do have and what tools you will need to rent.
Is there a component of the project that would be easier to complete with a tool you don’t currently own, like a miter saw?

This is where renting becomes economical and NeighborTools can help! If you need a miter saw for a one-time project, but you don’t currently own one, it will be considerably less expensive to rent the miter saw rather than purchasing one. And a neighbor close by most likely has the item you need. You can accomplish your home project with the tool(s) you rented from your neighbor on NeighborTools.

When you compare the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own tools and equipment, renting what you need for your home projects is the most cost effective way to get things done!

Is it safe to share my information on NeighborTools?
Yes, NeighborTools ensures your information is secure and not shared with others until a payment has been received to rent an item or pay for a service.

NeighborTools facilitates the transactions between you and your neighbors.

NeighborTools is preparing to implement peer ratings and reviews that would help you decide which item or service you prefer based on those ratings.

Why should I rent out my stuff with someone I don't know?
Using NeighborTools is 100% your choice. You do not have to rent out your stuff to anyone you do not know if you do not choose to.

We understand that will be a challenge for this service however; renters should handle the tools as they would their own. Consider renting some of your older items initially to see how it goes before listing your new or more expensive items.

Also, think about what rental price you would need to rent an item at in order to make your money back for the purchase of it in a reasonable amount of time. See our rental pricing guideline.

How much does it cost to use NeighborTools?

Using NeighborTools is free. However, NeighborTools charges a 20% transaction fee for rented items and a 10% transaction fee for services used through NeighborTools.com. Owners of items may charge a rental and/or delivery fee for using their items and/or services.

The rental/service price of the item/service is completely up to the owner of that item/service. A pricing guide is available to help the item owners select a competitive price. Renting through NeighborTools is often less expensive and more convenient.

As an owner or service provider, how do I get paid?
NeighborTools will pay you via PayPal as soon as the requester has paid for the item/service and has received the item or service paid for. If you do not have a PayPal account NeighborTools will send you a personal check. However, PayPal is the preferred payment method.
How do I pay for an item or service?
After you have reserved your item and the item owner or service provider has agreed upon the requested item/service and date needed NeighborTools will send you an invoice to your email via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay for the item/service. If you do not have a PayPal account please use the PayPal Guest payment method to pay your invoice.
What if someone damages my item?
We hope that nothing happens to your items, however we understand accidents happen. NeighborTools does not take responsibility for damaged items, however, we will assist in resolving any issues.

We recommend you have the item owner show you how to use the item before you use it. If the item owner is not able to demonstrate the item working prior to your rental and you do not feel comfortable renting the item, a full refund will be given. A rental agreement form is available to use during the rental process. The agreement is strictly between the two neighbors. You are renting items at your own risk. We hope to be able to provide an insurance option in the near future. Please be sure to rate and review those you interact with.

What if someone gets injured while using my item?
NeighborTools is not liable for injuries. We recommend that you read the Terms of Use and sign a Rental Agreement for each transaction. The transactions happen between you and those in your community, NeighborTools acts as the connector.

We ask that you ensure whatever items you are renting out is in good condition and if any special instructions are necessary that you include them in the item description. Please do not rent items that have not been well maintained and pose a danger due to lack of safety features.

What if I can’t find what I'm looking for?
If you cannot find an item or service on our inventory list then send us an email with what you are looking for and we will work to help locate what you need.
I requested an item but have not received a response. What should I do?
Please send us an email at rent@neighbortools.com if you have not received a response from us within 24 hours of requesting an item.
How do I cancel a request?
If you wish to cancel a request you have previously made, please send an e-mail to
rent@neighbortools.com within 24 hours of the rental time and you will be fully refunded. If you do not cancel the request within 24 hours of the rental time you will be fully charged for the rental.
How can I report an issue with the website or provide feedback?
You can report issues or provide feedback via our Contact Us form at neighbortools.com or send us an email at rent@neighbortools.com.
Who created NeighborTools?
NeighborTools was founded in 2017 by Daniel Lee, Bobby Lee, and Vern Horner.
What is our Mission?
“Our mission at NeighborTools is to meet the needs of our neighbors and help create intentional relationships to strengthen our community. Our goal is to become the largest tool rental company that does not own inventory.”


Plan ahead. The more planning upfront the smoother the transaction will be for both parties.
Be courteous. Things do not always go as planned but we can work together to resolve
Build a community of trust. We believe that trusting our neighbors is the core of building our community.


How can we help?

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NeighborTools is a local peer-to-peer tool rental company. Our website helps connect individuals who need an item with those in their community who own the items. We facilitate the rental of home improvement, lawn, power, and recreational items between individuals.

Why use NeighborTools?


Rent a variety of unique items


Earn money when you rent out your own items


Lower prices than rental stores


No lines to stand in


Less paperwork


Flexible rental dates and times


Rent from someone close by


Delivery available

"Our mission at NeighborTools is to meet the needs of our neighbors and help create intentional relationships to strengthen our community. Our goal is to become the largest tool rental company that does not own inventory."

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